Signs Of Discontent

Century Media

From the renowned progressive metal underground comes this leadoff single from the 300 Percent Density record. A bit less jazz-tinged than previous efforts, “Discontent” resides in the realm of unpredictability with heavy consequences. Not necessarily math rock, like Meshuggah, merely a solid, distorted experiment that keeps listeners on their toes. Chugging guitars and xylophone together on the same song, you say? You better believe it, and on “The Obvious Destination,” things only get harder and more bent with each passing minute. I’m not a huge fan of most metal in general, but there is something endearing about these guys that makes it quite difficult to pass up. If only more acts concentrated on songwriting like this than their bottle of Jim Beam or applying corpse paint, the world of heavy music would be a lot more alluring and respected.

Century Media Records, 1453-A 14th Street #324, Santa Monica, CA 90404;

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