Cky seems to be fans of the recycling program — the recycling program of songs, that is! About seventy percent of their first release, Volume 1, sounds like one song with a few different lyrics (but still same basic subject) and sped up and slowed down too many times to keep straight. Oozing in generic angst, the band claims to be skate music, and that most of their fans are pissed of young, aggressive guys. This could be, but these guys would also have to be very happy with some pretty boring “hard rock.” Every song has the same rhyme scheme, and the lyrics seem to be more concerned with image than meaning. Take, for example, the song “My Promiscuous Daughter”: “I caught my daughter giving head to my brother/A lame domestic fame/I call it graphic pain.” Er, gross! And also, let’s not forget the crafty wordsmithing on “Knee Deep”: “Some people don’t know/Don’t know what is wrong/So they’re knee deep/Knee deep in sorrow.” That’s the whole song. The whole song! Someone please give them a hand with the writing, okay? To look on the bright side of Volume 1, there is one track that shines through the dank, swampy nine; it’s a small light, but a light nonetheless. The token alt-rock ballad “Sara’s Mask” is actually meaningful and not reminiscent of some bad Metallica cover band, which makes it palatable, to say the least. In short, this CD is exactly what the world needs– another pissed off group of guys with too much time and some guitars. Who rhyme. Everything.

Island Def Jam Music Group, 825 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10019;,,

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