Corporate Avenger

Corporate Avenger

Freedom is a State of Mind

Koch/Suburban Noize

A curious record here in Corporate Avenger’s Freedom is a State of Mind. On one hand, nearly every other song title on the quintet’s debut album is a slogan (“Voting Doesn’t Work,” “The Bible is Bullshit,” “Taxes Are Stealing”), the band leveling total and utter disgust for social conventions and worldly ills far and wide, understandably setting themselves up for accusations of self-righteousness. On the other hand, however, for all the potentially problematic and discernibly deliberate shock-tactic statements they occasionally make • such as the assertion that the Virgin Mary was a hermaphrodite in “Jesus Christ Homosexual” • Corporate Avenger are surprisingly on the mark most of the time or, at the very least, rather thought-provoking in their simplicity of expression; take, for example, the chorus to the aforementioned “The Bible is Bullshit”: “The Bible is bullshit, the Koran is a lie/The Bagavad Gita did not fall from the sky/These are the books that written by men/They’ve caused wars, no follow if you can.” And for all the metallic hip-hip overtones abounding on Freedom is a State of Mind, Corporate Avenger could yet be the bastard sons of KMFDM: finger-pointing but fiery, atmospheric but pounding, funky but fierce. Probably not the political firebrands the mainstream’s exactly ready for now, but something compelling’s a’brewing.

Koch Records, 740 Broadway, New York, NY 100003;,,

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