Corrosion Of Conformity

Corrosion Of Conformity

Live Volume


As if things couldn’t get any worse for Corrosion Of Conformity after the universally ho-hum response afforded last year’s America’s Volume Dealer, along comes the cash-in/potential-rectifier Live Volume. By now, COC’s transformation from a fiercely political thrashcore troupe to vaguely political doom-groovers is well documented, so that’s not even the issue. What the issue is, however, is how absolutely unnecessary Live Volume is • or, for that matter, most live albums. Recorded at the perennially sketchy Harpo’s in Detroit on • get this • 4/20 of 2000, Live Volume offers a 77-minute overview of COC’s strangely well-accepted ’90s work, including some stuff from the aforementioned America•s Volume Dealer, the oldest material being the always classic “Vote With a Bullet” and the kinda-song “These Shrouded Temples” from 1991’s Blind, unarguably the starting point of this complete-on-delivery transformation. The playing’s energized, the sound’s crisp, and journeyman guitarist cum drummer extraordinaire Jimmy Bower (Eyehategod, Crowbar, Down) even plays drums here, but again: This is hardly essential given the forthcoming VHS/DVD companion, even for champions of this once-mighty band. Dunno why I’m so blasé toward Live Volume, but I’m sure I’m not gonna be the only critic nonplussed about it.

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