DJ Escape

DJ Escape

Ultimate Afterhours Vol. 1


A creation of the purest dance genius; Sono, Warp Brothers vs. Aquagen, Derb, Fragma, Aubrey and more, all mixed by DJ Escape in a continuous asskicking sequence. From Sono’s warning infused, sweet, industrialized “Keep Control” to the coolest remix of “Ordinary World” by Aurora (featuring Naimee Coleman) and full circle back around to “You Take My Breath Away” by So-Real, this is the music of which club memories are made. Providing the perfect amount of lyrics and fast paced, sugary beats, Ultimate Afterhours Vol. 1 is a must have for anyone who likes to move to dance (and really, come on, who doesn’t?). At the gym, if this CD started spinning, you’d stay until the last song was over, working out because you just couldn’t help yourself. Each song gets a little better, but in the same respect, each track also has its own individual focus. When faced with a continuous mix, often it’s sort of just one really long song that never makes any huge changes, but DJ Escape blows that out of the water with a perfect seamless mix of nothing but totally great songs. I can’t wait for Volume Two (oh please, oh please!).

Groovilicious Music, a div. of Strictly Rhythm, 920 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10010

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