Future Legends

Future Legends

Future Legends


Torn between goth’s introverted melancholy and glam’s extroverted grandstanding, Gainesville’s Future Legends play like someone switched Robert Smith’s black eyeliner with glitter paint. Playing on two opposing teams at the same time (unapologetic rock star bombast vs. heart-on-your-sleeve despondency), the musicians forms a stately little square of lushly Lush shoegazing squall (notable because the Legends really do look at their shoes a lot), Bauhaus gloom and T. Rex smackdown. In the center of this forlorn red rover game of flashy doom, lead singer Eric Legend writhes, twists, shimmies, flails and emotes both physically, vocally, and emotionally in a charmingly dramatic vibrato so damn Bowie-esque that the “esque” seems downright unnecessary. This album is just smart, catchy, heavy and expansive enough to make one exclaim, “Hey, you guys got dark chocolate in my peanut butter!”


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