Like a refreshing glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer day, Haujobb return in full form with their most inspiring work to date. Enter the evolving world of Polarity; a musical soundscape of intricate rhythms and ambient textures. Following a brief intro piece that sets the proper mood, “Subsonic” hits the airwaves with break beats, soaring ambiance and robotic vocals. A mid-tempo track with attitude that showcases the band’s unique programming style. “Sinus Problem” brings forth a softer vocal style alongside heavy bass and drum loops. The band show off their mastery of electronic sound manipulation with incredible precision while straying from predictability.

“Creatures in Me” continues on the same creative plane, with expert songwriting and cool surprises at every turn. I can imagine this track being played at underground venues across the globe; inviting club goers to enter the dancefloor. Intertwined between each song, small digital gems provide cohesiveness to this stellar body of work.

The quick paced “Demon” commands attention with brooding grooves and moving syncopations. And this is only half the story; “Boom Operator,” easily the album’s most daring track, contains a steady build-up leading to aural bliss. Eerie synthetics abound while ground shaking drums pound away at the very core of dance culture. This is truly the result of well-crafted keyboard wizardry at its very best. “Last Herd” combines space age percussion with soaring bass and digi-madness on the brink of genius.

While most albums lose their luster towards the second half, Polarity improves upon itself and forges new sonic ground at every turn. The remaining three tracks are equally impressive, with Haujobb’s unnerving attention to every musical detail. Forget everything you think you know about electronic music and toss aside any preconceptions. This is truly an electro album for mass consumption.


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