I Am The World Trade Center

I Am The World Trade Center

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Behind the unconventional name lies a hearbeat of the purest tribute to ’80s music I’ve heard in a while. I Am The World Trade Center, a duo, mix together historically accurate analog synth arpeggios, a marvelous sense of pop melody, and a biting edge of modern studio whizziness. The result is very recognizable, but still fresh. Undoubtedly, I Am The World Trade Center will remind many of an updated Human League, especially on tracks like “Inside Your Head,” which features bored male interjections between the bouncy melody and distant sitars. There are two versions of “Metro,” an energetic disco-fied “Brooklyn Mix” and a more down-to-earth “Athens Mix,” bookending the disc. Either way, the song is a fine example of perfect pop song.

I can’t say that I Am The World Trade Center are doing new, but they’re certainly doing it extremely well, recalling a tried-and-true sound but hiding all manner of modern treasures in between the boops and loops.

Kindercore Records: http://www.kindercore.com

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