Jason Falkner

Jason Falkner

Necessity: The 4-Track Years

Spin Art

Jason Falkner has a long and illustrious resume in pop music, and this collection of home recordings handily shows why. Recorded for the most part on Falkner’s analog Tascam Porta-One, these gems may sometimes be beseiged by home-recordisms, but consistently glare through in pulsing waves of sticky pop melodicisms. “His Train” features a handful of hooks and a Christopher Walken mention. “Miracle Medicine” is a driving fuzz-fest crowned by a twisted Cheap Trick melody. The vibe on “Hectified” is loose and noddy, but fits your ears like cashmere earmuffs. Needless to say, if you’re any sort of pop fan, Necessity is a necessity.

Spin Art Recordrs: http://www.spinartrecords.com

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