Jerk With a Bomb

Jerk With a Bomb

The Old Noise


Plaintive and vocal tunes from this Canada band. Almost American in its “country dirt road, desert heat, drive slow, sunset feel,” but they’ve got sunsets in Canada, too, don’t they? The songs tell stories, paint pictures of heartbreak on your soul… “Take my heart and throw away the key/Oh your splendid curse leaves me helpless on my knees.” There are moments of clarity built with waves of emotion. The music is at the same time minimal and full, like the ocean. Drums and guitar, bass and some keys, throwing together a world that combines the epic quality of The Dirty Three, the drive of Calexico, and the raw honesty of Bright Eyes.

Scratch Records, 726 Richards St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 3A4,

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