Rats Live On No Evil Star


Interesting album of rock odds and ends. Recorded live, I could imagine stumbling into the local bar and these guys would be jamming for hours and hours on original rocking blues numbers that sure sound like old classics we’ve heard over and over again, but they rock and we’re having a good time, right? Well, that’s what eight out of the nine tunes are like on this recording of a live performance somewhere called the “Bubba Mac Shack” — a quality joint, no doubt. Then•

Then, the album finishes with a sixteen-minute magnum opus called “Pink Diddley” that’s a hysterical mix of Jimi Hendrix, ancient Santana (drug-era), Pink Floyd (lots of drugs-era), and throw in some heavy electric blues and the effect is an awesome homage to Bo Diddley and the Duchess — oh I heard it, too, I did! During the course of the album, in the background, one can hear the crowd milling around, clapping, laughing, whatever. During this tune, it’s obvious they’ve been gripped by the band’s tightness and ability to jam with precision that totally wipes away the “sloppy bar band blues” attitude we just spent nearly an hour listening to. A masterful performance.

Treasure Records: http://www.treasurrecords.com, http://www.k-floor.com

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