Vol. 1: Where We Going?

Vol. 2: Who’s In Charge?


Not much to say, except this is the premiere collection of 21st Century Space-Age Bachelor Pad music. But it’s more, much more. These two CDs, likely parts of an infinite set, showcase the work of artists who’ve reinvented techno as better techno. Samples galore are put to beats that are at once slapstick comedy yet astonishingly dark. And equally astonishingly listenable — 100% of the time. They really must be heard to be appreciated. I don’t recognize any of the artists, but they’re certainly worth mentioning: Jack L. Lantern, Tingler, Machine of Untold Power, XXX Files, Hal 1000, Chooch, and others. What they’ve amounted to is putting an amazing aural collage on these two CDs, a feast for the eyes if you’ve got one of them 21st-century Lava Lamps to go with this.

Beyond Music, PO Box 5585, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-5585;,

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