Maya Shore

Maya Shore

Farewell To Introductions

The Music Fellowship

These songs, with an air reminiscent of Codeine (the band, not the drug — although that description would not be entirely inappropriate) or Five-Eight, remind me of an unpleasant time in my early twenties at college. These were weeks that nothing happened at all; when all I wanted to do was sit in a chair facing a wall, listening to music like this. Slow, with sparse arrangements and guitar notes that hang in the air like ice crystals, the music’s movement invites the listener to pause and attempt to make out the words. Sometimes, the guitarist and lead singer, Kelly Chambers, will stroke a few chords out of his guitar, but for the most part, the songs maintain a slender progression and melody. All tension without release. Unfortunately, it is pretty without ever becoming truly memorable, and many of the songs begin to sound alike unless one listens attentively. An attentive listener will notice some flourishes of keyboards, strings, and a tasteful production that enhances the sense of coldness and isolation.

The Music Fellowship, PO Box 9325, New Haven, CT 06533-0325;

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