No One

No One

No One


Somewhere hovering in the infinite void of seven-string bands lays No One• the band, that is. Incorporating all the standard elements of so-called “nu-metal” and stealing the throaty vocal style of Max Cavalera, this latest addition to the increasingly tiresome fold has come to wreak havoc on the world. Too bad the world’s heard this generic dirge over and over again since Korn first sprouted into the buying public’s consciousness back in the mid-’90s. There is no point in pointing out any tracks on here, because there aren’t really any at all, I’m sorry to say. This is just heavy for heavy sakes, and the chord progressions and vocals carry the least bit of originality. I’m sorry if I was too rough, but it’s 2001, and I liked this band (in my best David Spade impression) when they were called Soulfly back in 1998.

Immortal/Virgin Records, 338 N. Foothill Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210;,

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