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Moving from a desert driving, guns blazing, rally the wagons and speed down the highway, wishing you were in a good Western to the nonstop drive and heavy distortion found in bands such as Giant’s Chair. It’s punk rock emo cowboy music for angry youth with a sense of humor. The vocals feel just right, almost spoken, sometimes getting angry, while the guitars jet fly and dive like six-string sunsets. Heartbreaking dynamics that pull at you until you just have to hear the song again. The harmonies kick you, caught somewhere between Nomeansno and perhaps Boy’s Life. Sometimes so heavy, sometimes it just seems heavy, before they jump into this heated hush. Hard and caring. They almost turn into a rock band, but they’re obviously way too clever for that. They just rock.

Sunseasky, 307 West Lake Drive, Random Lake, WI 53075;

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