Pure Rubbish

Pure Rubbish

Pure Rubbish


Four-song EP (three originals, one AC/DC cover) trumpeting the entrance of a very young, yet right-on-target punk rock band called Pure Rubbish. What’s in a name? I wonder, during these days of contrarian hipness, it’s good to check up on these things. See, the band’s average age is around seventeen, and they’re a four-piece playing tight, “fast” punk rock. Here’s the story behind the name: they took it from Mick Jagger’s published opinion about Herman’s Hermits. You do great research, kids• and they kick ass pretty good. For fans of guitar-driven punk rock and punk rock before it was named such, keep an eye out for Pure Rubbish.

Divine Records, PO Box 2590, Los Angeles, CA 90078; http://www.divinerecords.com

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