Shady View Terrace/The Lawrence Arms

Shady View Terrace/The Lawrence Arms

Split CD

Asian Man

Six songs from Shady View Terrace, followed by five from The Lawrence Arms. We begin with a screaming melodic post-punk burst of anger, making it hard to follow the lyrics, but you get the feeling shot straight into your blood stream. The dynamics kill, moving from fast hardcore to just a guitar winding quiet, and then back into explosion. When song seven hits, you’re taken into warmer arms, but the passion is still as vibrant, these two bands working together well. There’s the same hardcore feel, with The Lawrence Arms hitting a bit more straightforward, a bit more gritty in the vocals. Hooks abound all around, and when the music is done, you’re ready to start again.

Asian Man Records, PO Box 35585, Monte Sereno, CA 95030;

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