Shinju Gumi

Shinju Gumi

Mixing A Ghost


You have to give them credit. They not be able to rock out, but the French certainly understand the nuances of dance and electronic music to a much greater extent than their friends across the channel. Somewhat of a companion piece to last year’s release by Gumi, Dissecting A Ghost, this album contains remixes of tracks by artists such as Kid Loco, Solex, and even Tarwater. While it flows very well as a stylistic whole, the music is much less dance centered than peers like Daft Punk. Instead, the compositions reflect a well constructed integration of elements that range from jazz and piano pieces to passages that sound lifted from a spy film. In this respect, Shinju Gumi bears a striking resemblance to St. Germain. With an emphasis on creating a stylized atmosphere as opposed to merely a series of tracks, Gumi is able to create a unique and compelling work that belies the disparate elements from which it is made.

Shadow Records, 26 W. 17th Street #502, New York, NY 10011;

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