The Ted Bundys

The Ted Bundys

Look What We Dug Up, Some More Porn Rock!

Swill Product

Dedicated to “Wendy Orleans Williams,” this potentially offensive collection of The Ted Bundys’ presumably-lost-until-now work is certainly worth having in one’s collection of metallica obscura. Um, make that the “gee, this is interesting” shelf. My reasoning behind this is simply that the album’s title misinterprets the music that’s been recorded. Yes, there is some “porn rock,” but for the most part this betrays the band as a serious metal collective dedicated to great, classic metal musicianship rather than concentrating on crude behavior. Frankly, the first track, “Ozzy Made Me Do It,” deserves several thousand plays on the metal shows, and I, for one, would splice the main chorus into my show introduction/between-song segues. It’s tight and full of speed metal power and vocal majesty — really! “Ozzy Made Me Do It” is not porn rock, it’s straight-ahead metal with a message (and some humor).

Then things get really confusing. They cover The Psychedelic Furs’ “Sister Europe,” a song I’ve always associated with hard drugs, since the original sounds like the band was strung out during the recording session. I mean, this is mainstream• maybe they were polishing their chops as they’re as true as possible to the original. The rest of the album is, I reckon, “porn rock,” although emphasis seems to be on power dynamics rather than being disgusting. They do cover Spit’s “Tu Culo Ed Mi Culo,” though, and that certainly is “porn rock.” Eleven songs in all, others worthy of mention are “Let’s Pretend We’re From Seattle,” “Psycho Bitch,” and “Penal Perpetrator.” Worth it just for the Ozzy song, if you ask me.

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