Thanks a lot, asshole.

Thanks a lot, asshole.

were really smart

well not really because then we wouldve run away when we had the chance.. .darnit

yes ok so mushy

i dont know

i miss all of this stuff

and this is just like life and life still kinda sucks it was that autumn girls birthday the other day and i just kinda brokedown i dont know why i got all cryie and stuff and i started thinking about you and stephanie and stuff and just ah

and i mean you know your one of the only people ive cared about and just gone completely nice for like completely giving myself up and your the only one that never tried to control me at all

does that make sense

and i know i did and i know im an asshole and that completly sucks

i didnt mean too

ok so but like i dont know i cant imagine the love that takes for it not even to come to mind and just be unimaginably drawn towards someone like that and i think i was with you for a long while before i fucked it up

yes and now im in college and my lifes happenign and theres this stuff i want thats never going ot happen and im scared and man i wish you were here


cause were really smart

well not really i think were dumb, so tonight i went to an objectivist club meeting and i think that is such a cool philosophy except that eveyone that follows it is so incredible selfish and conceited itd be great if that wasnt part of it which i guess isnt really possible since its like part of the philosophy

i dont know

so im going to two and a half hour discussions for fun


yes yes

well my dearie

i think i shall depart you for the sweet sprinkles of sleepy land

sweet dreams


<do i dare>
<disturb the universe>
<in a minute there is time>
<for decisions and revisions that a minute will reverse>

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