Apocalypse Babys

Apocalypse Babys

Full Metal Racket


After the last single I got from Pensacola, Florida’s F.U.G. Records contained a less than stellar production and performance (by a different band), I was hoping the Fuggers would redeem themselves with this single. I am happy to say they’ve done exactly that. This Limey trio walks the Motörhead line between oldschool metal and basic punk rock, and me like. But then, when the bassist/vocalist calls himself “Asterix The Brat” (Asterix is a French comic book character from Roman-Gaullic times) and the guitarist goes by “Heavy Metal” Slater, heck, what’s not to like? But it gets better, the songs are about a hooker (“Submarine Mary” • lots of going “down” jokes), the UK emergency phone number (“999,” which was also the name of a UK punk band ages ago), and, believe it or not, an anti-smoking power ballad called “Money To Burn,” which, bizarre as that last one sounds, actually works quite well. These guys are smart and fun (check out the bluesy half-speed slowdown at the end of “999,” for example) so let’s hope they put out more stuff.

F.U.G. Records, PO Box 11157, Pensacola, FL 32524; http://www.fugslam.com • Apocalypse Babys, c/o Vinyl Vera, 23 Monsal Dr., South Normanton, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 2BG, England

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