First Choice

First Choice

The Ultimate Club Collection

The Right Stuff

Generic prescription medications are a penny saver. Generic foods, such as much of what fills the shelves at your local Wal-Mart, provide nutrition to the lesser endowed, and make welfare checks go a lot further. Generic dance music is just plain cheap, and that is exactly what can be said about The Ultimate Club Collection. If this is the “ultimate,” then I’m never going to leave my house again, for everyone has gone completely nuts! Predictable twists, pretentious “house” songs like “Smarty Pants” (remixed twice on this hideous CD) and “The Player” (remixed three times — I told you it was cheap — on the disc). Don’t waste your money unless you’re one of the artists who helped out with this, and in that case, buy it in bulk, because it’s going to go nowhere but the bargain bin.

The Right Stuff Records, 1750 Vine Street, Hollywood CA, 90028;

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