7 Years Bad Luck


Florida band Glasseater wins the creativity award for now. They’ve managed to take giddy pop-punk, make it a bit darker, and throw in some hardcore undertones. I must admit, I wasn’t really into them at first, but now I really dig the combination of whiny emo boy vocals and hardcore screams. Glasseater is at their best when utilize both sides of the spectrum, creating an interesting contrast and a unique form of music. I think the best example of this phenomenon is track two, “Betting on a Loser.” The track ends with alternating screams and regular vocals, nicely blending hardcore and more melodic punk rock. If you’re interested in hearing some of the best and most innovative music in punk and hardcore today, check out Glasseater. I have a feeling they might get pretty big pretty soon.

Fearless Records, 13772 Goldenwest #545, Westminster, CA 92683;,

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