The Gate


Great stoner metal with generous helpings of all the great heavy metal influences of the early 1970s. The theme of the album is Biblical, and the band is in your face with its Christian sympathies. I say, “good.” Stoner metal needs its Stryper. Lyrically, they’re all over the place, bible-wise. On “I Am” — which is the coolest name for a god, naturally, if you’re God, you get the best name, right? — the band gets into Jesus, who laments that He gave everything for everyone yet the masses reject Him. It’s a proselytizing number with a lot of gusto. “Demons” which discusses their impending doom at Jesus’ return. “The Dark One” is straight out of Revelation 20:4 (KJV), and you’d better be careful about what you put on your hand or forehead. “Welcome to My Nightmare,” not a cover at all, though Alice Cooper is mentioned as a musical influence in the promo material I got, is about exactly that: a nightmare, a bit dark for a Christian album, but• What about “Ear Alestier” — can’t figure it out• “Can’t Fight,” “Hurricane,” and the title track round it out. Eight powerful stoner metal tracks from what used to be Midnight Orchestra that is now Goliath. Odd that a guy named David is saying good things about Goliath, ain’t it?

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