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If you buy only two electronic records in your entire life, make them @ Home’s newest sets: @ Sunrise and its counterpart, @ Sunset. Coined “A Unique Chillout Experience,” the two CDs will not only chill you out, but with artists such as 3 Drives, Moby, DJ Food, Goldfrapp, Bedrock, and Mandalay on @ Sunrise, it’s a no-brainer why this CD and its sister have serious pull.

Opening up with 3 Drives’ “Greece 2000 (Moonwatcher’s of the Sea of Tranquility Remix)” lulls you into the tidal motion of this masterful collection. Then, just when you’re almost asleep in the opening surf of Moby’s insane dance track “Go (indub mix),” it shocks you back into reality, and before you even realize what’s going on, you’re moving out of control to this crazy, new-agey remix. The hauntingly French-sounding “Paperbag” from Goldfrapp (“Brown paper bag/makes for a hat/when it rains“) sets a melodramatic old movie mood, and just when you’re about to decide that this CD is a little too chill, DJ Food brings a truly creepy classic “The Crow” to the mix, making nothing seem in its place. @ Sunrise continues with Solar Stone, Electric Skychurch, BBE, and Energy 52, producing a one of a kind bevy that will be a standard in any electronic fan’s collection.

Aside from Alex Gopher (sampling Billie Holiday’s “Bless The Child” on “The Child”), the whole first half of @ Sunset is rather• blah. Luckily, we are beyond saved by De-Phazz (featuring Pat Appleton) offering “The Mambo Craze,” which is simply the best track on the whole record. Following extremely close behind are Freshmaka (sampling Neil Young’s “Lotta Love,” which makes for a “gotta hear it to believe it” cool tune), Cirrus’s vocally driven “No Pressure,” and “Easter Song” by Man Called Adam, which is a flute-friendly African ditty making for a perfect ending to a very eclectic and for the most part, excellent CD that rivals its counterpart, @ Sunrise.

Moonshine Music, 8525 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069; http://www.moonshine.com

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