Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding

Alien Breed (1991-2001)


Unlike the recent D.R.I. retrospective, I can conversely respect the execution, but not the logic, that went into Internal Bleeding’s Alien Breed (1991-2001). What we’ve got here are Internal Bleeding’s three demos • Perpetual Degradation (1994), Invocation of Evil (’92), and The One Dollar Demo (’91) • plus one new track, “Alien Breed”; so, yeah, the title’s pretty misleading, and clumsy, at that. However, as far as reissues go, this is the way to do it: (fairly) extensive liner notes respective to each demo, full songwriting credits, plenty of period pictures, and the overall attitude of appearance that, hey, someone actually cared and tried. And the music? ‘Nother story altogether. Much as they’d like you to believe that they offer some sort of uniquely “slamming” brand ‘o American death metal, Internal Bleeding’s songs (then and now) unconvincingly slam half the time to nowhere and noodle along aimlessly the other, instilling that same boring, poverty-level feeling of Jungle Rot despite the inherently higher levels of tech involved here. And the song titles? Pretty much your run-of-the-swill, awkward-of-idiom death metal fodder • “Despoilment of Rotting Flesh,” “Anointed In Servitude,” “Conformed To Obscurity,” “Ruthless Humanity” • all commandeered by equally boring, non-expressive eruptions of the gullet. Through it all, funny enough, as hairstyles and band members changed like the wind, original guitarist Chris Pervelis more or less looks the same now as he did a decade ago. Likely to reel in a few folks, but bound to repel the more discerning once “play” has commenced.

Olympic Recordings, 1658 N. Milwaukee Ave #245, Chicago, IL 60647;,

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