Love From the Sun

Love From the Sun

Various Artists


A unique collection of club hits, hip-hop, acid jazz, and wallpaper, Love From the Sun, featuring “The Modern Music of Ubiquity” is so cool. Phat, rad, killer, wicked — whatever trendy little term you’d like to fill in will fit perfectly. From the ’70s-inspired graphics by AEnoch ( to some of the coolest songs and artists you’ve never heard of, this CD is like finding a vintage Saks 5th Avenue crocodile bag in the bottom of a thrift store purse tub — worth all the digging! Artists such as Greyboy (a beyond great white hip hop guy), Loqate (one of London’s most innovative producers, working with diva Lorretta Haywood on a masterly arranged urban tune) and Beatless (one of the better known “stars” of the album) go from a typical dance song, to a very original, smooth mixed soul track, showing all their weapons. This CD is all kinds of amazing, and if you pass it up, you’re really missing out. There really seems to be a track for everyone on Love From the Sun, and nonetheless, it’s definitely not mindless and artless techno, which seems to be flooding the market these days.

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