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Mishima USA

Mishima USA


This four-song EP actually predates the full-length release by Mishima USA, Hold My Breath, which was already reviewed on this site. Comprised of three tracks found on that album and one cover track (The Cars’ “Just What I Needed”), this EP is a nice teaser for that stellar album. Oftentimes after I review an album, it is filed away and aural space is made for the new release I have to review. Not this time. I have continued listening to Hold My Breath non-stop. All the tracks on both are incredible. However, something has been niggling at me since I wrote the review for Hold My Breath. Do you remember when Dinosaur Jr’s single “Freak Scene” was released? It was such an effortless piece of pop sensibility and longing drenched in feedback. It was a wonderful song. Now, Mishima USA really doesn’t sound like Dinosaur Jr, but their track “Twist My Arm” is the same type of song. An incredible piece of musicianship and pop with excellent lyrics and delivered with panache. If for no other reason, track down one of these two releases and get ready to be impressed.

Catapult Records, 368 Congress Street, Studio 3, Boston, MA 02210; http://www.catapultrecords.com • Mishima USA, PO Box 1403, Cambridge, MA 02238; http://www.frictiondesign.com/mishima

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