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Parker And Lily

Hello Halo (Orange). Review by Marcel Feldmar.

Parker And Lily

Hello Halo


The music from this band moves straight out of my dreams and drifts straight into a groove, sexy and surreal. The main stars here are ex-Valentine Six members Parker Noon and Lily Wolf, but surrounding these two’s soft-swing, romantic, indie-piano bird croonings are sounds drifting from members of Speedball Baby and James Chance & the Contortions. Elegant and stylish minimalistic music for a black and white world. Smoke curls up from the speakers as Matt Verta-Ray’s steel guitar shimmers like a red velvet curtain, and you shiver as Lily starts to sing against the tremble of the Vibraphone, her voice smooth as liquid, strong as a shot, and Parker hits like the last call, rough and definite, but still wanting to make sure you come back for a few more tomorrow night.

Orange Recordings, 4761 Long Branch, San Diego, CA 92107;

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