Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell

Song Yet to Be Sung


After a five year break, Perry Farrell (of Jane’s Addiction and Porno For Pyros fame) has released his long awaited very first solo album. Song Yet to Be Sung is a solid collection of true to Perry songs, but there are a few surprises that make this album a listening adventure. Surprise Number One: it’s dance. That’s right, as in shake your booty dance music. Now before you think he’s gone Britney or something, it should be said that there are mega-ethereal lyrics, and spiritual and faith based themes placed with very light and happy happy drum n’ bass; the result is more global dance than club funk, but it’s an undoubtedly big step from Porno For Pyros. Surprise Number Two: (or maybe, it’s really a surprise this hasn’t changed!) Perry’s high pitched voice and the general calmness of a lot of the album work sort of as a sleeping aide, making your eyes heavy and your mind dull (CAUTION: Not for use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery). Showing his spiritual side is a nice undertaking and makes for some very interesting lyrics, but by the end of the album, talk about cherubs, souls, seeds, angels, and kings gets to be a little• tired. It’s not something that screams to be owned and played relentlessly, annoying the hell out of anyone in your general vicinity. It’s not the kind of album you sacrifice eating for a few days to afford to buy, but it’s an honest work with some different views and there’s nothing bad that can rightfully said about it. Surprise Number Three: (Final Surprise) Perry’s wardrobe! He’s always been kind of a flashy guy, but since when does spiritual enlightenment mean gold satin, tambourines, diamond earrings (bling-bling), and a two page picture of Mr. Farrell splayed on top of a mirror, Mariah Carey-style, in total Prince garb? Number of decent songs on Song Yet to Be Sung: three or four. Number of rhinestones involved in Perry’s new look: three to four (hundred).

Virgin Records, 338 N. Foothill Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210;,

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