One and Only Me

TouchDown Productions

Aside from the cliché R&B over-the-top “do-ooh” singing that Tunji breaks into on a few tracks and the simple lyrics (“we’re in the same school but we cannot play/one silver spoon and the other clay” on “The Price of Poverty”) arranged by the typical line skipping rhyme scheme, there are a few breakout tracks such as “When I Came” and “Step Back.” All in all, it’s a decent R&B record, especially considering that it was self-produced and Tunji wrote everything himself. For a sample of his talent, look to the writing on the duet “Step Back,” which is home to the most honest lyrics on the whole record. Her: “By the candle light/we’re gonna get butt naked tonight/I’ll get the rope and you tie me tight/I wanna get freaky tonight.” Him: “I had to take a step back/I didn’t know you were freaky like that/I never thought I would hit that/Now lemme see your hands if you feel that/Whoooa.” The “rap version” of the title track isn’t so bad either, but you can tell that Tunji isn’t exactly a musical veteran. Well, practice makes perfect, and if you’re scouting new R&B acts to spruce up your CD collection, this might be just your thing.

TouchDown Productions, http://www.touchdownenterprises.com, http://www.tunjicentral.com

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