667: Neighbor of the Beast

667: Neighbor of the Beast

Various Artists

The Music Cartel

Let’s have sex and take some drugs,” repeats the first track. This is a two CD set that claims to be “hardcore” techno, but in reality, it’s totally listenable. Hardcore techno approaches gabber, and if that’s what this turned out to be, I’d give it a “skeet” review. Though I’ll grant that the tracks from Rob Gee and Temper Tantrum stretch tolerance, those by Lenny Dee (who presents this album), and say, The Multi Death Klan, are way groovy. The second disc is nearly impossible to listen to, eh, maybe it’s impossible. DOA’s offerings are noise, like broken 8-track noise run over Taxi Driver outtakes and some metal guitars. Where the hell do people go to hear this stuff? Someone’s basement and on a lot of strange drugs – readily fabricated from common household items? The same goes for Berzerker. DOA, on “Annihilation,” brought me to laughter. My God, this stuff is almost flushable! All it is is a few samples from violent cartoons or movies or advertisements, some screaming and then noise. Someone is recording themselves turning the lights in the bathroom on and off while screaming an obscenity and calling it “hardcore.” What the hell is up with the kids these days? Does their mother know what it is they’re doing?

The Music Cartel, PO Box 629, Port Washington, NY 11050; http://www.music-cartel.com

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