Bass Hit

Bass Hit

Generation Bass


If you’re looking for one last accessory to complete your total pimp persona, then you can’t pass up Generation Bass. Eleven slammin’ tracks of speaker abusing bass (and “breaks”) will slide you right into the highest degree of cool among the sound crowd. However, fear not, those without systems worth more than their cars. If you turn the bass on your “normal” system down a little (as to not damage your precious speakers, which can really happen if you’re not careful) and play this CD, you’ll find that there are some really amazing tracks, such as “Smuve Gruves,” which oozes downtempo neo-funk, “Ghetto Fabulous,” which sounds like something right out of The Fast and the Furious, and the wispy, relaxing “Envirobass.” So guys, as stereotypical as this is, now you can play a hard bass CD as you fly around town showing off to others in your age group and your girlfriend isn’t going to be too unhappy about your choice of music. One word of warning: if you buy this CD and you have parts falling off of your car, excessive rusting, and/or missing body sections, for the love of all that is good and righteous, do not exploit your crappy vehicle. This bass business is only for those that have the play to back it up — when you don’t, you look even more foolish than the idiots that ride around with badly rigged systems that vibrate their trunk and taillights. If you do happen to have a dowdy vehicle but love bass more than anything, buy this CD and play it at home, or very, very low in your Hunchback Of Napa Auto.

Neurodisc Records, PO Box 450997, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33345

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