Faith in the Future


Currently still on tour with Crystal Method, Überzone is, hands down, an electronic genius. Mapping new trails in music, collaborating with artists such as Beenie Man (“Science Fiction,” the best track on Faith In the Future), Davey Dave and Sure 2 B (“Beat Bionic”) and being Urb Magazine‘s “One To Watch” has gotten him far, fast. Yes, that’s right –him. Straight from Orange County, California, longtime dancehall, industrial, and “anything electronic” fan Tim Wiles (known as “Q”) is Überzone. On his first full-length release, Faith in the Future, he’s playing in the ranks of some of the best and most innovative electronic artists. The music on Faith completely mirrors his personal musical taste, and each song is indeed a little bit dancehall, a little bit industrial, and fully electronic. A few standout tracks (aside from the ones listed above) are “Bounce,” the “Planet Rock” sounding “2Kool4Skool,” and “Little Dragon,” sung in Mandarin by a friend who works in a local Orange County deli. This record is seemingly chum in the musical waters. With headliners Crystal Method and Beenie Man agreeing to collaborate on his very first album, “Q” and Überzone aren’t going to fade into the beat. Great example of why music continues to keep evolving.

Astralwerks, 104 West 29th St., New York, NY 10001; http://www.astalwerks.com, http://www.uberzone.net

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