What is it about these poppy European bands? Air, Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, and now, of course, Bosco. On their third album, Action, the inventive duo create 11 tracks of pure genius. Featuring “Satellite” which is on the Tomb Raider soundtrack, the Caviar-sounding “Mr. Fresh” (“I’m looking for my shoe/I’m looking for my belt/I’m looking for me bread/I’m looking for my car/I’m looking for my keys/I’m looking for my watch/I’m looking for my house/I’m looking for my pants“), the amazingly original “Hey! Hey! Hey!,” with country star Templeton Thompson (“25/rich city kid/I got my startup/I got my stock options/I met a pretty girl/she wanna marry me/I won a million dollars today/you boogie down in computer business“) and last, but in no way least, “Nonstop Nonsense,” featuring vocals by Fred Schneider from The B-52’s (“With a breakdance in my heart/I’ll get younger when I’m old/I’m an empty swimming pool/with a ruffle in my pants“). The real kicker about Bosco is that you can take a whole entire group of guys (I doubt I need to mention any names here) and they can’t create anything even close to being this great. Possibly one of the most innovatively written and produced dancefloor records in a long time and they absolutely deserve to be in the ranks of their successors. Stephane Bodin and Francois Marche are extremely talented, and you will crave and digest this album like the necessity that it is.

Atlantic Records, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10104;

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