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Steven Lee

Ultimate Underground


This is a really unique dance mix. Seriously, it’s not like anything I’ve ever heard before! In one CD you get Daft Punk-sounding Soul Du Jour (“Here We Go Again”), Illicit featuring Gramma Funk doing what almost seems like a tribute to Groove Armada (“Cheeky Armada”), Simon, who has possibly the coolest track on the whole disc, featuring a sample of the “I Have A Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. set against unbelievably mixed dance beats (“Free At Last”), Toca-sounding Rui Da Silva (“Touch Me”) sharing the ultimate workout track, and funky Airheadz (“Stanley”). Steven Lee spends his days in the offices of Strictly Rhythm/ Groovilicious Records handling Marketing and Club Promotion, but wanted to make this CD to give house music fans a complete dance CD. According to Lee, the CD starts out with songs to get ready to go out to, the middle tracks are for the actual rave, party, or whatever you’re ultimately doing, and the downtempo tracks toward the end are for the morning after, or the drive home – whichever may come first. All around, it’s a great CD for anything you might decide to accompany it with. Rave or no rave, it’s a fully great piece of honest work.

Groovilicious Records/Strictly Rhythm Records, 920 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10010;

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