Immediate Action

Immediate Action

Various Artists


Having originally been released on six 12-inch records, Immediate Action is the sonic foundation of Chicago’s maturing and quite excellent Hefty Records. Compiled into a nice double-disc set, this mind-altering release is brought to you by the label spearheaded by John Hughes. Not the John Hughes, but his son, nonetheless. Hughes has taken his vast music knowledge and experience, condensing and consorting with some of the most elite artists in electronic music today. Scott Herren, aka Prefuse 73, showcases another personality through the moniker Savath + Savalas. An even more organic concoction than Prefuse, Savath blends slices of dub and jazz to create something all the more hazy. Sultry piano sets the mood on tracks by lesser-known artists such as Samadha Trio. Heavier hitters such as Telefon Tel Aviv and Bogdan Raczyinski lay it down with their own unique touches, mostly for the manipulation of John Hughes’ and his alias Slicker’s tracks. How appropriate, since it is his label. Yet the slight sense of vanity passes, because the minimalist and moody tendencies on each track speak for the label and its roster enough. I’m sure dad is proud.

Hefty Records, 1658 N. Milwaukee, Suite 287, Chicago, IL 60647;

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