Life Is Good


LFO (Lyte Funky Ones) are the pop answer to The Bloodhound Gang — infamous for celebrity name-dropping, cute rhymes, and feel-good songs about depthless subjects. On their second album, Life Is Good, LFO hands out a nice collection of what can’t be called rock, but is still better than pop and isn’t exactly dance, or R&B either… it’s radio, how’s that? “Every Other Time” is the first single off the album, and is already burned into the airwaves. A few other decent songs are the cute “wish I had her” song “6 Minutes,” “Alayna” (featuring De La Soul for a poppy, reggae/ hip-hop flavored tune that’s the most complete on the whole record). The LFO award for best writing goes to the song “Dandelion”: “I feel your vibe is kinda deep/the moon hung over Soho and I counted sixteen stars/I pointed at the brightest one and said ‘Now that one’s ours’/I thought she was a flower but I found out she’s a weed.” This beautiful bittersweet “love song” is on the album a second time, featuring Kelis. The title track leaves a lot to be desired and a couple of the other songs are borderline cheese with that permanent summer feel. If you’ve passed up LFO because they share fans with N’Sync, give them a listen before totally writing them off. If nothing else, they collaborated with two of hip-hop’s most beloved on Life Is Good, and that has to say something.

J Records, 745 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10151; http://www.j-records.com, http://www.lfomusic.com

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