Love Seed Mama Jump

Love Seed Mama Jump

Love Seed Mama Jump


This eponymous album carries with it the unchanged sound of a band I recall hearing when they were playing their weekly gigs at a local bar, as well as the high school prom circuit. In fact, that is probably the best way to describe their sound: a prom band. They sing of love and loss and throw in the occasional cover (“Country Roads” and “Domino” on this album) as well as an interesting sober-and-proud song, “Supernaturally Sober.”

Love Seed Mama Jump is unquestionably a live band and not a studio band, therefore much of their recording suffers in the process of trying to capture the energy with which they play. All of the “heys,” hollers, and various other background exclamations that come off as fun and enthusiastic at live shows end up sounding forced and out of place on the album. The band has stuck it out for an impressive amount of time with little recognition and from the looks of things, they have continued to write new songs while retaining their original sound. Unfortunately, the pop clichés that may get people on the dance floor are difficult to appreciate while sitting in your home or driving your car. A Love Seed album is something that one might purchase as a memento if they had a nice evening at the Rusty Rudder (the band’s weekly venue) rather than an album that would stand out if randomly purchased from your local record store. There is something to be said about a prom band that can move a crowd, but there’s usually not much to be said about their recordings.

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