Michael J. Sheehy

Michael J. Sheehy

Ill Gotten Gains

Beggars Banquet

Since my introduction to the Dream City Film Club, I’ve been amazed by the depth and emotion that slides from the voice of Mr. Sheehy. It comes at you pure and strong. Following close behind — and sometimes walking right beside — other singer/songwriters such as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, perhaps Matt Johnson, and the occasional glimpse of Glenn Campbell. Full of the sweetest sadness, the perfect ache. Sometimes the music brings to mind other Bad Seeds, such as Barry Adamson or Mick Harvey, but here it’s harsher. It’s trailing a dirty shoe in the gutter, and it makes you weep. The songs are low and heartache filled, with the cover of “Mystery Train” moving through a dark triphopped groove. Curl up in bed… wait for the rain to end, but love it as it falls.

Beggars Banquet, 580 Broadway, Suite 1004, New York, NY 10012

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