Whiskey Hill

Blue Monster

Newcomers Porter have been compared to Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan. Those are very high expectations and on their first release, Whiskey Hill, they don’t quite meet them yet. In their favor, they utilize congas, wah rhythm guitars, chimes, a balafon, and an organ in many of their songs (among other staple instruments) which creates a very unique sound and an eclectic variety of material. While they still have a lot of shaping to do as a musical force, they have meaning and soul behind their songs and that gives the group an extra push. Some standout tracks are “What I’ve Learned,” “A Change in the Weather,” “Camouflage” and “Last Night.” Porter is The Barenaked Ladies meets Vince Gill meets Mel Tormé. Weird, but somehow also strangely lovable.

Blue Monster Records, http://www.bluemonsterrecords.com

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