The Dead Leaves Rising

The Dead Leaves Rising

Waking Up On the Wrong Side of No One

Plow City

This band is just a long name for one person, Jon DeRosa, a New York-based singer/songwriter who can also be found in the band Aarktica. Waking Up On the Wrong Side of No One is a sad melancholy album. The kind of sadness that makes you feel, and in feeling, you end up feeling a little better. The guitar-based songs, with quiet drums, steady bass, and some strings moving slow in the background, wrap the listener up in warmth and softness, a shelter from the sorrow that is described. Some hints of early Smiths fall in places, but stronger are comparisons to The Red House Painters and Leonard Cohen. Not as much in the sound, but in the style, the delivery. It moves like wonderful dark shadows searching for a pure light to hold on to.

Plow City, PO Box 1604, Moline, IL 61266;

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