The Joy Project

The Joy Project

Way Out Here


You would have to be seriously, seriously miserable to not be in a good mood when you listen to The Joy Project. Hard to explain exactly, it’s a little loungy, totally filtered, ’70s-type porn music cool, groovy with chunky beats and smooth, rain-slicked melody. This is the type of music that if we all didn’t know you were the coolest cat in the world, we might beat you up for listening to. It’s saxxy and at times borderline jazz (except for the iMac vocals on “Example #4: Love”). This is a great, innovative, cheery, beautiful CD. Even if you’re not really cool, this CD is so good, it’s worth getting beat up for.

Neurodisc Records, PO Box 450997, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33345;,

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