Bruce Haack

Bruce Haack

Electric Lucifer Book 2


Unless you’re a Moog fetishist, you may mistake Bruce Haack’s Electric Lucifer Book 2 as just another relic from an era cluttered with basement studios and expensive analog keyboards. But there is more than meets the ear. Haack’s sound is undeniably consistent — the booping drum tracks, the vocoded vocal tracks, the standard Moog tinkerbells and flangy pad leads. It’s a pastiche of every copycat record ever to try and cash in on Carlos’ Switched On Bach. Yet there is something undeniably unhinged with Haack’s musical and lyrical vision. It’s creepy, it’s hypnotic, it’s a sound that intrigues and disturbs. The lyrics, of a somewhat religious but not proselytizing bent, are punctuated with bright flashes of uncommon imagery which sharply contrast with the somewhat clichéd (in this day and age) music: “Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pagan pie, corn fritters, baby sitters, eastern fry” (from “Gastronomicplentyfication”). It’s clear that Haack lived in a mental state as sparsely populated as Montana. You may want to visit him there. Dress warmly.

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