Dance Mix USA 2002

Dance Mix USA 2002

Various Artists


There’s like, a zillion dance mix CDs on the market, and after a while it gets difficult to really tell them apart. Dance Mix USA 2002 appears to be one of those, until you hear the song “Dooky Boody” by DJ D-Man. Any compilation that has a song like that, well, it’s sure different. In addition to that wacky song, “Cafe Con Leche” (El Presidente), “Feels so Good” (Lina Santiago), “Pants R Saggin'” (B-Code), “You Are My Everything” (DJ Marco), “The Best Love Around” (DJ Marco), and “Funky Mike” (DJ Marco) make this unlike any other dance compilation out there. It does what it’s supposed to do, and even though at first it’s a little camp, it turns out okay in the end.

AMC, PO Box 4517, Downey, CA 90241

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