Will Werk For Beats


Even after listening to the whole record, you still have no clue what Gonervill is. Upon first thought, maybe it’s a place for losers, a place that really uncool people go to get gone. Who knows? The two men who, in theory, make up Gonervill claim that while it is a place, it’s more of a mental place that an artist goes to while art is being created. These two men, Extrakd and Eddie Def (along with live beat sampling Brian) seem to have spent a lot of time in that place while this record was being made. It would be most appreciated by DJs and/or die-hard fans of extremely experimental hip-hop. Much would be improved by adding lyrics to the wacky tracks, but a few that didn’t leave my head spinning were “On And On,” “Unseen Worlds,” the transfixing “Voodoo,” and the deeply beatific “Nurds.”

Innerhythmic Records, 133 West 25th., 5th Fl., New York, NY 10010; http://www.innerhythmic.com, http://www.gonervill.com

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