La Makita Soma

La Makita Soma

Brighton Park


This instrumental indie disc starts out with an upbeat groove and mood, bringing to mind maybe Tristeza on speed or a slower Trans Am with electronica grooves floating trip hop through the distorted guitar. The song titles hint at the sonic shapes to come, “Grundig Vintage Stereo” and “Glossalalia At 47th”. Songs heavy on the keyboards and vibes, but twisted with a strong sense of the present, so even though there’s some psychedelic electro-hippy bits, it doesn’t get stuck in some techno daydream. The live drums and guitars mix with a rockin’ slide into otherworldly ambiance, and scattered soundscapes keep you drifting along with the songs. Almost funk bass grooves at times, but most of the songs spread out like a drug, leaving you smiling and waiting for the next wave to hit you.

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