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Michael Jackson



The King has returned, and from the way his new album sounds, I refuse to think he ever left in the first place.

Michael Jackson has put out what is considered to be the most expensive album ever produced. And while Invincible is nothing spectacular, it is necessary. Yes, he is the King of Pop, but after an absence as long and hectic as his has been, Jackson needed something to get people to start paying attention to him again — the good kind of attention.

As far as the album itself is concerned, it’s solid Michael. Catchy, almost annoying beats, three minutes of choruses in a four minute song, and the weepy ballad about children — yeah, that’s him. The first single, “You Rock My World,” got quite a bit of airplay at first, but was quickly drowned out. That is a shame — it is clearly as good as anything on the pop charts now, and ranks as one of Jackson’s finest, most infectious songs ever.

Another possible hit is the first song, “Unbreakable.” Other than that, this album is full of mostly slow love songs or concept songs with hip-hop beats mixed with electronica. Or something like that. And that, in the end, is the only way to describe this album.


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