Silver Side Up


Even though their first single, “How You Remind Me,” is already reaching overplayed status on quite a few radio stations, it puts the bar up pretty high for the rest of the album. Childhood must have been hard for these Canadian imports. The song “Never Again” tells the story of an abusive father figure, “Woke Up This Morning” (“I’ve been a loser all my life/I’m not about to change/If you don’t like it there’s the door/nobody made you stay“) explains about the need for a woman to except the way things are, and “Too Bad” explains the feelings toward a father with which time was lost. The reminiscent “Good Times Gone” is the only “slow” song on the album, but seals Nickleback’s second release with a little more sad sentimentality. Fans will be pleased, newcomers will want to also buy The State soon after hearing Silver Side Up, and in the end, everyone will live happily ever after.

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