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Phantom Planet



Phantom Planet are an interesting band; their past includes very Saves The Day-ish emo stuff, yet they seem to be now going in the direction of ’80s pop (much like the rest of the world). Thankfully, Phantom Planet sound less like The Cars and more like late ’70s Rolling Stones, mixed with pre-The Moon My Saddle Chamberlain…

Live is a five-song EP featuring two new songs and three live tracks. As mentioned before, the new songs are pretty poppy and happy, but they have a rockin’ side that flaunts some sassiness. “Lonely Day” is a bit too sticky sweet in the love department, but “In Our Darkest Hour” delivers, rockin’ me straight out of my pants! The live tracks, which rock very much so, are “Shadows,” “Nobody’s Fault,” and “California.”

Word on the street is that this is fairly difficult to get your hands on, but if you can, it’s worth it. If you can’t find this at the local record shop, you can probably get it on eBay for under $10.00. Their new full length (with the first two tracks here on it) is due out in February.,

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